QDAPT Company's 2022 May 1st Labor Day Holiday Arrangement


QDAPT Company's 2022 May 1st Labor Day Holiday Arrangement

"Labor Day" on May 1st is approaching. According to the relevant national regulations and the actual situation of our company, our company's Labor Day holiday arrangements in 2022 are hereby notified as follows:

5 days off from April 30 (Saturday) to May 4 (Wednesday);

May 5 (Thursday) to go to work as normal.

In response to the urgent delivery needs of some customers, Qingdao Guangying Company recommends our customers and friends to stock up in advance. Customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit, we will, as always, provide you with the most professional and sincere service!

During the holiday, there will be staff on duty, business, technology and other related business consultation, you can directly contact the relevant personnel, if the holiday brings you inconvenience, please forgive me! Thank you for your cooperation and support!

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