Qingdao APT takes multiple measures to create a learning enterprise

April 23 is the annual "World Book Day" . Shakespeare once said, " There are no books in life, as if there are no sunshine; no books in wisdom, as if the birds have no wings. "Reading has a huge impact on human growth. Similarly, reading, learning and innovation are also crucial to the growth of enterprises.

Qingdao APT Company has always upheld the business philosophy of "people - oriented, leading technology, integrity, mutual benefit and win - win" , and takes the creation of a learning enterprise as an important enterprise policy. In 2021, the company specially issued the "Implementation Opinions on Establishing a Learning Enterprise" red document, which strongly advocated and encouraged innovative work involving technology innovation, system innovation, process innovation and other innovative work in terms of policies.

Since 2018, all departments of the company have held monthly "Department Reading Club" activities in their spare time. In March this year, the company invited professional tutors to our company for external training of "lean management"; The technology research and development department also invited experts in active light module, and conducted online technical training for technical personnel. At the same time, the technical department also carried out many trainings inside the company, including "Application Examples of Optical Fiber Communication ODN Products", "Introduction of Wave Division Series Products" and other technical trainings for sales staff, as well as operational training for front-line production staff. Safety production management team, the staff also carried out professional fire, safety knowledge training.There is a poem cloud: "the belly of the poem gas from China", the Chinese nation has become a country of etiquette, ancient civilization, culture has a long history, an important reason, is that we are a love of learning, diligent reading of the nation. Today, to build an innovative country and a learning society, the task of The Times, more than ever before need to build a society full of books, reading, learning as a force to promote social development is irreplaceable.

In the same way, learning and innovation are of vital importance for the development of an enterprise to maintain its youth and vitality, and continue to grow and grow. Qingdao APT will, as always, encourage employees to learn and innovate, so as to enable the sustainable development of the enterprise.

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