The company organizes training in safety production knowledge

      In order to improve employees' safety awareness and safe operation skills, employees are provided with the safety production knowledge required to do their jobs, and prevent the occurrence of safety accidents to ensure the safe and smooth production. On the afternoon of May 8, the conference room on the first floor of the company organized safety education and training, which was attended by the workshop directors, team leaders and special post operators.

      The training is mainly for the procurement of hazardous chemicals (alcohol, liquefied gas, hydrogen users), as well as other special positions (shopping power, air compressors, hoists), procurement practices, safe storage, equipment The training of targeted knowledge was carried out in several aspects such as maintenance to further improve the normative awareness of our company's safety production.
      Our company has always attached great importance to the importance of safe production. We have used a variety of forms such as pre-class meetings, safety warning signs, promotional slogans, and safety training to conduct safety education and remind employees not to forget safety production and promote safety education. Into the heart, urge employees to develop good safety behavior habits.
     Through this training, the company's team management personnel and first-line production personnel timely carried out safety “charging”, improved the safety production management level of the team, strengthened the safety responsibility awareness of the first-line production personnel, and laid the foundation for ensuring the annual safety management objectives. Solid foundation.

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