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Optical fiber distribution frame


Optical fiber distribution frame

Fiber Optic Distribution Frame (ODF), also known as fiber optic distribution frame, is a wiring device used for terminating


Fiber Optic Distribution Frame (ODF), also known as fiber optic distribution frame, is a wiring device used for terminating, protecting, connecting, and managing optical cables and optical fibers in optical fiber communication networks. The device can realize the functions of fixing, stripping, and grounding protection of the optical cable, as well as welding, jumping, redundant winding, reasonable deployment, and wiring scheduling of various optical fibers, which are between the transmission medium and the transmission device. Grouped equipment.

Fiber Optic Distribution Frame



It is suitable for network engineering, such as intelligent monitoring system,

intelligent optical fiber cell network construction, etc.

Fiber to the house project


Cable network TV

Passive optical network system


Other spectroscopic systems


Metropolitan area network


5) There are cable holes at the top and bottom of the rack. The cable fixing and stripping device can be flexibly installed, which can meet the requirements of the upper cable routing method and the lower cable routing method.


1) It adopts a completely enclosed structure to prevent dust and rat;
2) Modular design, the cable can be accessed up and down, and the grounding is fixed and reliable;


3) The cabinet is made of high-quality steel plate, and the whole body is electrostatically sprayed, which is beautiful and durable;
4) The adapter is mounted at an oblique angle to ensure the bending radius of the fiber and to avoid burning the eyes with strong light;

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