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Rack cable terminal box

The optical cable terminal box is mainly used for the straight-through connection and the branch connection of the indoor optical cable.


The optical cable terminal box is mainly used for the straight-through connection and the branch connection of the indoor optical cable. The rack-type optical cable terminal box of this model is mainly installed in the optical fiber distribution frame, the network cabinet and the like. The standard 19-inch width, wide welding and wiring area Easy construction. The rack-type cable terminal box is composed of a casing, an internal component, a fiber connector protection member and an adapter.

Rack cable terminal box


It is suitable for network engineering, such as intelligent monitoring system,

intelligent optical fiber cell network construction, etc.

Fiber to the house project


Passive optical network system


Other spectroscopic systems


Metropolitan area network



Cable network TV

Product performance
1) Made of imported cold-rolled steel plate, with reasonable design structure and branch function
2) Easy installation and maintenance, can be placed on the desktop or wall mounted
3) Reliable cable reinforcement core, metal outer sheath fixing and reliable grounding device
4) The adapter frame can be installed according to the user's requirements, and the adapter can be equipped to realize the direct jumper function.
5) Mechanical seal structure can effectively prevent dust and water vapor from intruding


Functional requirements
1. It has the functions of cable introduction, wiring pigtails to take out and fix and protect the optical cable, wiring pigtail and the performance of the optical fiber without damage.
2. It has the function of protecting the cable terminal from the environment.
3. It has the function of insulating the optical cable metal member from the cable terminal box housing and conveniently leading out the ground.
4. Provide space for cable terminal placement and remaining fiber storage, and facilitate installation and operation.
5. The box body can be fixed with sufficient impact strength and has the corresponding installation function for different use occasions.
6. If necessary, it should have the function of cable split connection.

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