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"Happy Work, Happy Life"- APT company Football Friendly Match

"Happy Work, Happy Life"- APT company Football Friendly Match

Release time:
2022/09/29 10:34

In order to enrich the leisure cultural life of employees, improve their physical quality, and make them "happy work and happy life", the trade union of Qingdao APT Company organized a friendly football match with Panasonic Electronics Company after work in the afternoon of September 27th, as the "opening game" of the friendly football match after the opening of the new APT Stadium.

Game, the team spirit of "friendship first, competition second" "happy football, health you and me" attitude, high spirit, actively running, both individual dazzling dribbling, momentum sink long shots, the straight like a scalpel, decisive, and the team's short penetration, the whole advancement, defensive counter-attack, antithesis, reflects the tactics for the good quality. Each time the two sides of the wonderful cooperation, shooting, have been teammates, opponents, the audience's applause, applause.

After fierce field competition, the final APT light surplus 3:2 Panasonic electronics, won the victory of the friendly match. This game, both sides of the game out of the level, the game out of the style, not only exercise the body, but also enhance the friendship, but also close the emotional distance with the neighbor enterprise, such a meaningful activity, has been praised by everyone, unanimously suggested that the company's labor union to continue to organize.