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Work perception: the "four avoidances" of the sales world

Work perception: the "four avoidances" of the sales world

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2020/09/16 03:56
. I have been engaged in sales for a long time, and I have a feeling.

Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes, and there are also rivers and lakes rules. This is true of the arena, and so is the enterprise. I have been engaged in sales for a long time, and I have a feeling:

1. Avoid saying: "This matter is not in my control"

The implication of this sentence is that someone else is responsible for this matter, and you shouldn’t find me. It’s not my business anyway. If you encounter a customer inquiries, and you respond in the same way, what will the customer think in his heart is not yours, then you always know which department is in charge of this matter, and you have to tell me who is in charge. What kind of good service can a person with such a sense of collective and responsibility provide customers? Customers will put a big question mark. So you should avoid saying: "This matter is not in my control".

2. Avoid saying: "This, I don't know"

The employees of an excellent company should be very clear about who is in charge of each job at the front desk, and who should be responsible for problems. It's not that you can put yourself out of the business without knowing it. Even if you don't know, you should at least find someone who knows to deal with it. You can't kick the ball when the problem comes, or even ignore it! So you should avoid saying: "This, I don't know".

3. Avoid saying: "Oh, he is not here"

Sometimes the customer wants to find the corresponding person in charge to do the work, and the corresponding person fails to listen to the phone for various reasons, and when he calls the company, the sentence "he is not there" comes up. If the customer himself has opinions, he will add fuel to the fire at this time, and he will think that the company is deliberately avoiding him and does not want to deal with the problem. What do customers really want to hear? He is not in position for the time being, I can do it for you if you have anything or I will ask him to reply you immediately after I find him. Sometimes what customers want is an attitude! So you should avoid saying: "Oh, he's not here".

4. Avoid saying: "This is no way"

Sometimes customers complain, or even make things difficult for you, just hope that you can quickly propose a solution, or an attitude of your handling of the problem. What you should handle, your answer to the customer is "I can't help it." Immediately reduce the customer's expectations of you or the company to the freezing point, and further intensify the contradictions that could have been resolved. In the end, it will take a greater price to restore the image of the company.

You are not afraid of opponents like gods, but teammates like pigs. You charge forward and your teammates help you hit customers in the back. In fact, it is not a matter of one person to sell well, but a team that works together to do well. . So you should avoid saying: "This is no way."