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OFweek 2019 China 5G Communication Technology and Application Seminar

OFweek 2019 China 5G Communication Technology and Application Seminar

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2019/04/24 08:40
As the pace of commercialization of 5G approaches, the entire society will enter a deeper era of data. From the Internet to the Internet of Things is a huge change, and many emerging technologies and industries represented by AR/VR, autonomous driving, industrial Internet, and smart cities are not losing heat. In the wave of 5G, the entire optical communication industry has ushered in a new development opportunity. Both operators, equipment manufacturers, fiber optic cables, optical components, and optical module manufacturers have ushered in a new round of growth opportunities. In addition, in the 5G promotion process, there are bound to be many challenges. In the process of commercialization, technologies such as edge computing and network slicing have become hot research topics.
In this context, the "OFweek 2019 China 5G Communication Technology and Application Seminar" hosted by China's high-tech industry portal OFweek, the high-tech conference, the OFweek optical communication network and the OFweek communication network will be held in Shenzhen on April 24th. held with grandeur. The conference invited policy research experts, top scientists, outstanding entrepreneurs, the most innovative thinking entrepreneurs, industry frontiers and well-known investors of 5G communication and Internet of Things industry international authoritative institutions and leading enterprises to determine from an international perspective. The macro-strategy of the development of the Internet of Things, explores the cutting-edge technology of 5G communication, explores the innovative strategy of 5G communication business model under the global policy environment, shares the new thinking of 5G communication in the financial field, and deeply explores the internal connection of 5G communication application field.
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