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SubCom deploys SDM technology for Google Dunant cable

SubCom deploys SDM technology for Google Dunant cable

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2019/04/15 08:33
4/10/2019, Lightwave reports that Google and submarine technology provider SubCom (formerly TE Subcom) announced that it will deploy space-division multiplexed SDM technology in SubCom's transatlantic cable Dunant for Google. The two companies claim that this technology will bring greater efficiency and capacity to the Dunant cable. SubCom will introduce the technology at this week's SubOptics conference in New Orleans, USA.
According to SubCom's CTO Georg Mohs, the technology they applied to Dunant is mainly to increase the number of single-mode fiber cores in the submarine cable from the traditional 6 pairs to 12 pairs. The pump used in one pair of 6 pairs of fibers was originally used. Power will be distributed among the two pairs of 12 pairs of fibers. However, the increase in fiber does not represent a doubling of capacity. Mohs said that 2x multiplexing like this has about 2/3 capacity boost. The initial design capacity of the Dunant submarine cable is 250 Tbps. As for Dunant's pump power design, Mohs said they have adopted a design called “Pump Sharing Amplifier Architecture”, each amplifier is supported by a combination of pump lasers, and power operation occurs only in amplifiers and repeaters. To ensure that the current DWDM and coherent technologies are still available.
With a total length of 6,400 kilometers, the Dunant cable will be the first submarine cable system to deploy SDM technology. Next, SubCom will also try to introduce 16 pairs and 24 pairs of fiber systems.
Article source: CFOL
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